The largest churches in the world (which you must visit)

First of all, if you were expecting the biggest church in the world to be in Europe, you’re definitely wrong. It’s not there. It will sound strange, but the largest church in the world is in Africa, Ivory Coast. The incredible thing is that only a third of the population is Christian, the others only practice the African religions. But it is a sign of true faith. It measures 30 square kilometers, which will cost a bit to be traveled, but would certainly be worth it.

Then we have “St. Peter of the Vatican, City of the Vatican”. It has an extension of 20 square kilometers and its construction lasted about 120 years. In this place, hundreds of pilgrims from all over the world gather. Some go by beliefs, while others decide to visit to admire the architecture and the works of art found there. In any case, visiting this cathedral is a good idea to talk to God.

The Basilica of “Our Lady Aparecida” is located in Brazil and measures 12 square kilometers. Its construction is very recent since it was completed only 30 years ago. For lovers of architecture and design, it will not be a great piece, but for lovers of incredible and immense constructions and true believers definitely will be. This church reaches 100 meters in height. It also represents a moment of connection with God.

Let’s go to Spain. The Cathedral of Seville is a church declared a cultural heritage of humanity and retains a Gothic style, which makes it the largest Gothic cathedral in the world. So if you are thinking of going to Spain and taking a walk, this is a tourist destination that cannot miss on your list. You can admire the style and pray a little.