3 temples to visit in Venezuela

During the Spanish conquest, in Venezuela infinite churches were built. After this time also were constructed admirable constructions to be centers of meeting with God. The styles that stand out are the baroque, the neoclassical and the modern. Venezuela is a very believing country.

During Holy Week, all these temples are visited by its inhabitants and by dozens of religious tourists. That’s why I did a compilation of 3 temples that you should visit sometime. To visit these temples you can be a believer or not: if you are, you will admire the religious pieces as me, and you will feel the connection with God, and if not, then you will enjoy such majestic architectural pieces.

  • Basilica of Guanare: This church is visited by hundreds of tourists who want to hear the story about how the Virgin Mary appeared to the chief Coromoto, a very interesting and miraculous story. It has guided tours in which explain the history to the visitors and talk about the restoration that had the temple. In addition, as a curious fact, the church is built on the hut where the Virgin appeared to the chief Coromoto so you’ll be in a place where a miracle happened.

  • The Basilica of “Nuestra señora de Chiquinquirá”: Is one of the most visited in Venezuela. The place where the image of the Virgin is displayed is constructed of gold, silver and precious stones. In this sense, the angels who hold the image of the virgin weigh about 10kg and are built in silver. That, the connection with the religion and its infrastructure responds to the question of why it is one of the most visited, It is a very special church for Venezuelans.

  • Church of San Constantino and Santa Elena: it is located in El Hatillo, Miranda state. It is an orthodox church unique in its style in Latin America. It was built of wood and did not use a single nail since they used a technique that consisted of using a kind of glue, which shows the effort to have a place to meet God. On the walls, there are images that refer to the moment when St. Michael the Archangel overcomes Satan.